4 Stories: Vintage

In continuing with LA’s four stories series here are my vintage stories:
One. Dresses

The first thing I think of when I think of vintage is definitely dresses. I wish I had more vintage dresses than I do but I am pleased to say that I do have at least one vintage dress story. This beauty of a dress was actually purchased from the vintage section at Urban Outfitters. Actually, I’m not all that proud that it came from UO because it’s not got the same kudos as finding it for 20p at a charity shop but the point is I found it and its mine. The dress actually had some pretty funky petal shaped sleeves that I removed once I got home and a big bow that I removed and put onto a pin so I could choose when to add it. So I rescued the fact that my dress came from a high street store by making some alterations to it. It’s not as amazing a transformation as the wonderful alterations on new dress a day but I bet I feel just as proud as Marisa when I wear it.
Two. Shoes
I have an amazing pair of Vintage Red or Dead blue patterned super shoes. I found them, brand new on a market and they were a steal! I got them when I was 16 and everyone at school knew them and loved them. I had a day’s work shadowing at a solicitors when I was 17 and I wore the super shoes but I had to walk across Oldham all day and the shoes made my feet bleed. Since then I’ve been a little bit reluctant to actually wear the shoes on my feet but I still have them. And they’re back in fashion at the moment so I may well resurrect them.
Three. Fabric
My step-dad’s mum, Elizabeth, used to have a haberdashery in the 60s and when she died I was given all of her stash which included a batch of amazing fabric and trimmings. I haven’t made a huge amount of stuff with it because of its sentimental value but I have made a super cool camera case out of it which I made the night before I headed off to Barcelona with my friend Clare. I hope to make something special and useful out of every piece of fabric in the stash.
Four. Wedding
I was going to post another story for my final vintage story but as early onset dementia strikes its fallen right out of my head and I can’t for the life of me remember and this post is already a whole day late while I’ve been trying to remember! But in the mean time I came across this beautiful post and it made me think of how beautiful vintage pieces are and how they can be used to tell a story. Because vintage pieces, like LA said, are all about the story.

Why the lies?

I barely recognised the beautiful Zooey Deschanel in the latest Rimmel adverts.

Worse yet, why do cosmetic companies lie so hard and so badly about their products?

Do you honestly expect me to purchase a mascara that requires an advert "filmed with lash inserts and enhanced in post production"? And this is coming from a girl that bought a mascara on the grounds that superdrug were offering it in a limited edition pink packaging!

First of all, Zooey looks unrecognisable... as a human being let alone as herself. Great job in making her look like an alien.

Secondly, I don't even think that the eyelashes in the before shot are real let alone the after shot. Its a complete fabrication and utterly stupid.

Hopefully the advertising community is taking post production enhancement to a level that makes it impossible for anyone to believe the veracity of the images and forces a backlash.

God help the women that think they can actually achieve this kind of result from mascara alone who are currently fuelling this pandemic of misrepresentation of the female form.


Since my iPhone 3G got fixed for free by the apple Genius Bar, I don't have the same excuse to get an iPhone 4. To be honest though, I only wanted an iPhone 4 so I could use this beauty:
I recently had a 4 week gym trial during which I found that running wasn't completely abhorrent and since then I imagine that if anything will make it more enjoyable this baby will. Even the recent studies proving that exercise doesn't affect weight loss doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for a fitter more healthy life fuelled by nike plus.

Oh, the new iPod nano is compatible with nike plus?
Gee, and its so pink. And a pedometer. And a radio. And it has a clip like my shuffle.

The 2 items, plus a pocket holder for my asics would cost £153. Which is less than a year's gym membership so rather good value in my opinion.

But while I'm job hunting and living between cities, wouldn't this bit of kit bring me greater happiness?

Terrific Tuesday

The Apple Store Genius Bar is amazing. Ah - ma- zing!

I dropped my iPhone 3G by the pool in Florida and got the white screen of death. My lovely holiday companions assured me that some kind of digitizer had died and I'd be looking at £150 plus to get that baby fixed and that's if they could fix it at all. I was convinced it was time for a new phone.

I was hopeful that my phone just needed a little rest and some TLC.

I booked an appointment at the Genius Bar and they had my phone fixed in 10 minutes. Better yet, as my phone was only out of warranty by 100 days they did it free of charge! I thought 100 days was quite a bit out of the warranty phase but who am I to argue and maybe the genius just liked that it was a nice rounded number. Either way I am a very very happy apple customer.

4 Stories Sunday

In my quest to be a blogger, the wonderful Leigh-Ann went and made it a whole lot easier by coming up with a group blog series! Thank you so much LA!

LA came up with Swimming as today's topic so here are my 4 stories:

One: Ear infections
Swimming lots gives me ear infections and I remember I used to have to wear horrid wax ear plugs when attending swimming lessons at primary school. I felt so self conscious about it which was exacerbated when one day the teacher said that we had to do something, I cannot remember exactly what, under water and she would count to ten, "so loud that even the girl with the ear plugs can hear".

Two: Swimming lessons
I'm not a strong swimmer but my best friend at school was brilliant. Really I ought to have joined the weak swimmers in the shallow end but every session I joined my friend in the fast section and every session would feel so silly when I did a third of the distance of everyone around me. I would often fake my numbers so as not to seem so rubbish.

Three: Holidays
The only time I ever choose to swim is on holiday. My last holiday that included a deep pool was in Scottsdale, Phoenix. My boyfriend and his parents wanted to teach me to dive so I let them. I was utterly appalling but after every belly flop I climbed straight out of the pool and tried to improve the next one. I kept it up for days and I must have done hundreds of half assed dive-flops. Sam and his parents couldn't believe how many times I flopped into the pool. I never really perfected my dive but boy did I persevere!

Four: Breathing
Whenever my nose gets wet my throat opens and kinda breathes for me. I don't know if it has a medical name for it but it means if I put my head under water I have to work really hard to not breathe in and drown and I think this is why I can't swim. Incidentally, while writing this, Sam came over and said that I'd just lost that ability that babies have to hold their breath under water. I always thought that babies actually breathe under water so I wonder if that is my fundamental problem? Who knows?!

Can't wait for Leigh Ann's next 4 Stories topic and I sure do hope its one I like a bit more than swimming!

4 Simple Goals

I am seriously late in taking up Elsie's 4 Simple Goals but I think that now is the time to start.

I've just returned from a wonderful holiday with a big group of friends and am in a new home looking for a new job and starting a new relationship. I think a few goals can only help me along the way to get through this transitional phase.

What I particularly like about Elsie's Simple Goals is that they are activity based goals; to actually do a specific thing rather than results based goals that are less tangibly monitored.

Goal number 1: Dye my hair a darker, redder shade of brown.
Goal number 2: Attend a yoga class in Ealing.
Goal number 3: Complete a holiday photobook.
Goal number 4: Make a lobster amigurumi.

I'm glad I managed to avoid the temptation to choose more practical goals like apply for x number of jobs, complete so many modules of my CIPD course or anything else equally not as exciting. I went for things that would bring me happiness and joy to complete.

Go me!


Hello world I am now 25 years old (and a few months) and I am going to blog.


But better this time! As in more frequently better. I imagine that the content may in fact be less thrilling than previous incarnations of PL.

Welcome to the blog.